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Bolo Knife

This Bolo Knife is produced with a high-quality leather scabbard and plumb Bolo blade, it features a cleanly designed and unfinished look, making it top-of-the-line for military applications. The Knife also features a bright green fabric guard, making it visually appealing, this Knife is top-of-the-line for enthusiasts who desiderate to show their military experience and skills.

Springfield Armory 1912 Bolo Knife

This is a truly unique Bolo Knife made of designed and made clyde cutlery material, it is a high-quality Knife that is dandy for any military or paramilitary group. This Knife is fabricated with a hard-shell case and black leather sheath, this Bolo Knife is a beautifully designed Knife that is top-notch for any anti-theft or law enforcement applications. The blade is a high quality, nickel-free metal that is valuable for weekend use or for protecting your property, the sheath is a leather with a multi-layered design that makes it difficult and time-consuming to grab the knife. This Knife is again top-of-the-heap for carry or carry, this military Bolo Knife is a terrific way for lovers who appreciate the quality and quality of the (uniform domain defense) uniform. This Knife is fabricated from high-quality leather and features a beautiful scabbard with an 44-position scabbard clip, it is first-rate for use in battle, and is unrivalled for cutting 150 grit sandpaper or garlic audiences. The 1940 s was a time when the usmc operated in need with new and innovative methods of warfare, so, here is a Bolo Knife that symbolizes that by the 1940 the usmc was already a well-known and popular force in the world of warfare. The Knife is produced of stainless steel and features a sharpness and hrc of 80 which makes it good for military and outdoor use.