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Butter Knife

Our stainless steel butter knife has beenpecially designed to cut through tough cheese and other food. It's also a great spreader for eggs, needles and other objects.

Top 10 Butter Knife

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Butter Knife Walmart

This is a stainless steel cheese spreader that you use to spread cheese on food. It has a curved edge that makes it good for flipping cheese blindness. The butter knife has a sharp point so you can cut through tough cheese without getting hurt. The silver pack comes with the knife to make it look great. the 4-in-1 spreader knife is a great knife for tasks such as butting potatoes, heating up butter, and spreading wealth. The wide blade means that this knife can handle tougher work than average, making it a great choice for busy professionals or home chefs. the butter knife is a great tool for spreading mayonnaise, cheese, or other food on sandwiches. The stainless steel blade is perfect for getting the job done. This knife also comes in a 4 pack of other stainless steel butter knives. this better butter spreader knife has a stainless steel butte on the front and is made for the kitchen. It is also serrated and has a sharp point.