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Damascus Steel Knife

Our damascus steel knife is handcrafted in the usa using the latest technology. Our knife is full tang, making it tough and strong. Our knife is also easy to hold and easy to use. Our knife is perfect for the outdoorsman or hunter.

How Much Is A Damascus Knife

A damascus knife is a knife made of damascus, a dark-hued steel that is the most common type used in damascus blade construction. Commonly used to make military knives, damascus knives are also known for their durable design and sharpness. the cost of a damascus knife is typically $n/person, with n being the number of people in a group. For example, a damascus knife for person 1 would be would cost $1.

How Much Does A Damascus Knife Cost

A damascus knife is a professional knife made from carborundum wood. This tough and strong wood is found in many different shapes and sizes, but is especially favorite for knife blades. Damascus knife is also popular for its protection and function. It is not only a knife, but a piece of equipment as well that can help you to do your work safely and efficiently. This expensive knife blade has a high performance level and is perfect for precision work. this damascus hunting knife is hand made from quality steel, with a brass guard. It has a 10 custom handmade damascus steel hunting knife guard and a black anilite finish. The knife is about 3/4 inches long from the center of the guard to the end of the black anilite on the spine. The guard is made of durable brass and the knife is edge ready with a full tang. This knife is perfect for the outdoor or the home user. this damascus steel knife is perfect for hunters looking to keep their property safe. The knife is made from quality materials and features a strongforged coat of brass guard. The knife also has aatmzoin stainless steel blade that offers excellent performance. the custom folding pocket knife from damascus steel is perfect for hunting in unfamiliar territory. It of course comes with an all- matters case to protect your investment.