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Glock Knife 78

This Glock Knife is an excellent way for enthusiasts who desiderate the latest in-game safety gear, it comes with a ct-1213 stainless steel blade and ct-408 titanium handle for reaching high-visibility areas. The blade offers a late 20 handle with an age-lliweze logo.

Glock Knife 78 Walmart

The Glock Knife 78 is a black pistol-length Glock knife, it's made of durable n bruises-resistant materials and presents a lightweight design that makes it straightforward to carry around. The Knife also grants an automatic open button, so you can be sure that you're never leaving your house without it, the Glock Knife is a sub-brand of the Glock firearms company, and is designed in austria. The Knife extends a round logo Knife with a t2 hood style sight and a lighted scabbard, the Knife is about 78 mm in length with a scabbard shape. This is a very rare Glock Knife made in austria, it is currently one of a few that have this logo. There is a small logo insignia on the front of the Knife along with the company's name and the number 78, this Knife is additionally earlier in production than the company's current knives. The Glock Knife is a high-quality Knife made from premium-quality materials, it is designed to be durable and efficient in your wildest emergency. The Knife is latch-ascusjen hilum hardwood blade and is first-rate for handling firearms or other sharp objects.