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Gun Knife

Looking for a gun knife that can handle a small, but still provides good quality product? look no further than the jess james revolver gun folding knife. This knife is made from high-quality materials and has a 2. 75 bullet knife blade. It's a good value, too!

Best Gun Knife

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Cheap Gun Knife

The 8 tactical hand pistol is a perfect knife for aviation, hostage-taking, and other high-stress situations. It features 8 fisted whippy edges and an anodized-metal design that makes it durable. The pocket knife has a 3-in-1 clause, which allows for use as a pocket knife, knifeitalian, and even a phone charger. this is a 9 revolvertrait pistol replica gun that was created with help from the open assisted pocket knife brand. This knife is a great choice for those who love gun knives because it is able to open with an assisted hand, without having to remove the blade from the blade starter's arm. this 8 tactical assisted spring hand gun pistol folding pocket knife has a soft-sided, black, zip-top case. The knife has an 8-lug design and a black anodized aluminum handle. The knife is equipped with an anytime, anywhere holster, for use in the field. the 8 tactical police hand pistol gun metal folding assisted spring pocket knife is a great knife for police use. It is made from high-quality gun metal and have a well-crafted design. The knife is foldable and offers cute gunmetal gray anodization. The blade is a little more than 1" and is made of lightweight 11-purpose stainless steel. The knife also includes an extra-large serrated knife blade.