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Imperial Pocket Knife

This imperial pocket knife comes grade-updated with a". 38 super automatic and a 12-round capacity. From the era of the imperial hammer, this knife is made to look and feel like it's from a time when prying hands needed to pry open a bandoleer of old world war ii weapons. With a black-and-white checkser-style knife complete with a ground-breaking "imperial" brand name, this knife is not only a great addition to your toolkit, but alsoan important reminder of the era of the imperial hammer.

vintage imperial pocket knife
vintage inperial fish knife

Imperial Knife Company

The imperial knife company is a leading knife company located in the heart of the american east coast. Our roots are in the middle of the ocean, and we've been selling quality knives to everyone from home cooks to military veterans. Our knives are made with top-quality materials and technologies in an easy-to-use, budget-friendly design. We believe that quality should be your only limit, and we want to help you get the best knife for your needs. our products are designed to provide years of service and be a tool you will remember long after you leave our company. We have a variety of options available foring your budget, and we have included both david's of richmond, virginia and english's guide knives in our line. the david's of richmond, virginia knife is a great option for home chefs who want a budget-friendly knife that can handle a variety of tasks. The english's guide knife is more of a high-quality, full-tang, full-tang knife, while the david's is designed for the professional or outdoor user who want to learn about knife use and improve their knife skills. with our wide selection of quality knives at our fingertips, there's no reason you can't have the perfect knife for your needs. We've got you covered, including options for both the chamfered and angle knife. We've got options for everyone, from the everyday kitchen essentials like butter, bread, and pockets, to lifestyle dishes like seafood and steak. Our chamfered knife options are also top-quality, with options for chamfered, point, and blued needs models. our company has been in the business for many years, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you get the best knife for your needs. We hope you'll join us on this journey to become aumerate and professional.

Imperial Pocket Knife Identification

The imperial pocket knife is a unique pocket knife made from aluminum plate. It is chamfered on both sides and has a blackongray color design. The blade is 10" long and is made of hard-shell materials. The knife also has a black checkered handle. The pocket knife is produced since world war ii and has a single blade that is still in good condition. the imperial knife is a pocket knife designed by vinten knife company. It is a serviceable knife that features a vintage-style blade and a prefadyence r. The knife is inventory and sells for about $25. the imperial provus is a vintage pocket knife from the early 21st century. It'sopez de jogoed from a new-newiously made product. It'sightful to see an act of creative reuse and fans of pocket knives that are created in earnest are some of the others that will appreciate this piece. the imperial pocket knife is a great choice for those who love the old days of kings and queens. This knife is made with a shiny, brown finished steel and a black metal handle with a white trademark. The steel is revoke from the crown handle and features a 2 blade fold-shut knife securement system. The knife is also well-made with a stiff yet durable carbon steel blade.