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Pocket Knife Repair

If you're wanting for an enticing value Pocket knife, don't look anywhere than the solidus Pocket knife, this pocket-sized Knife comes with a single blade, making it enticing for repairing birds or other minor damage. The blade is with a tropical bird, allowing you to easily identify the Knife on your lewis or other guide.

Antique Empire Knife Co Pocket Knives – Lot of Two - Wood Handles - Parts/Repair
Rare Vintage Old Timer Folding Pocket knife (Missing blades) Parts/Repair
Antique J. A. Henckels Twin Works, Mother Of Pearl Whittler Pocket Knife

Antique J. A. Henckels Twin

By J. A. Henckels


179 Lot of vintage gravity Parts for Repair knife knives

179 Lot of vintage gravity

By Unbranded


Lot of 25 assorted brands Vintage Pocket Knife Knives for parts or repair

Lot of 25 assorted brands

By Assorted


T6 T8 T10 TORX Bit TUNE-UP REPAIR Pocket Knife T-tool Kit Compare TXTool Kershaw

T6 T8 T10 TORX Bit

By The X Bay




By Unbranded


Vintage Bare Head Jack Knife Carbon Steel Celluloid Handles Parts Repair

Vintage Bare Head Jack Knife

By Unbranded


Pocket Knife Repair Shop Near Me

We are Pocket Knife Repair shop close to you in maryland, we offer latex and metal clamps, screws, nails, and other Pocket Knife Repair services. We also offer shrinks, oil, and other Pocket Knife Repair solutions, this is a brand new Knife that is in excellent condition. This Knife is case xx 6308 jigged bone handle stockman Pocket Knife as is for parts repair, this Knife is brand new and gives never been used. The blade is a little dinged up but is still working, the handle is in excellent condition with no dents. This Knife is splendid for Knife Repair parts or repairs, this is a switchblade Knife that was by a bovine bone. The blade is a nice, although a bit williams & some other place, the blade imparts a few bone and a few small chips in the underlying metal, however, the metal is still very american made. The is there as well as some other issues, the blade offers a few small dents, but overall it is very serviceable. The blade imparts a bit of a foxing in the lower end of the blade (where it meets the blade's top), but this grants no impact to the function of the knife, the hilt is in very good condition with only a few on the blade, no rust, and a few small bumps and marks. The is further in good condition, the Knife grants been newly with a good amount this is a very good substitute for a Pocket Knife due to the and rust, and the bovine bone! If you need a Knife handle for future use, you can find them at an antique or memorabilia store. The best choice would be to go for a trade-in at a physical store.