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Pocket Knife

This is a new pocket knife made with a tacticical spring assisted open pocket knife cleaver razor folding blade black. It has a military feel to it with the addition of a tacticical spring assisted open pocket knife cleaver razor folding blade. This pocket knife has a 30th anniversary edition blade and is backorderable through the end of production.

Edc Knife

There are a lot of knife reviews out there, and I just wanted to share one that I found that was veryneat and veryintexblaneous. the e cdc knife is one of the latest high-quality knives from edc knife, and the e cdc knife is perfect for those who love their knife with a modern look and feel. This knife is made with a sharp point and a durable construction that will rule in any settings. the e cdc knife is easy to maneuver and control your solo or groupfights with ease. the e cdc knife is a must-have for any artist or fighter.

Folding Pocket Knife

The mtech usa 8. 25 red spring assistated tacticool knife is a great choice for those who are looking for a pocket knife that can handle the task of cutlery edc. This knife comes with a 8. 25" blade and a black hard plastic clip. The blade is made of full-tang, single-sided blade and has a late season hardwood insert. The insert is that they are able to dull the blade quickly and easily. The mtech usa 8. the shapeshifter knife is a great knife for when you want to open up a easy-to-grip knife that will help you do some serious damage. The 8 tactical cleaver pocket knife is a great option for those who want a knife that can do some serious damage in a small amount of time. The blade is assisted open, so you can easily take off the skin and armor. The knife also has a 1. Grave ground design that will help you survive any situation you may find yourself in. the 8. 5 tac force spring assisted tactical stiletto pocket knife is a great knife for use in your pocket. It features a sturdy build and an appearance of high quality. This knife is equipped with an advanced blade assist system that provides excellent fighting qualities. It provides ease of use and performance with its tac-tronic safety and 8. 5 tac force. the 6. 25 tac force titanium spring assisted folding pocket knife is a collectible pocket knife that is made with dense titanium for added strength. The knife has a sharp learning into the action and the field of battle. It is designed with an assist from the titanium spring in the fold-over pocket clip. This knife is easy to hold and is perfect for working with.