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Railroad Spike Knife

This railroad spike knife is made of carbon steel and features a blank blade. It is perfect for hunting animals, and is perfect for those who want to keep their safety and security top priority. This knife is also great for those who are looking for a custom hand-forged knife that will standing out in any room.

Spike Knife

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a spike knife. The look and feel of the knife is important, and we have some top tips for getting the best deal on a spike knife. Look at manufactures knifes. Biz and read reviews first. Compare prices and discounts with other knives in the market 3. Compare prices with other brands in the market 4. Compare prices with other models of spike knives 5. Compare prices with other types of spike knives 6. Invest in a guide to help with everything from aurora butcher knives to knife care tips. Stay away from those who recommend higher-quality brands with great prices. Compare prices with other brands and products in the market 9. Even better, read the product packaging to find anything about the knife that you may not know. Free shipping on orders over $50 that's right, $50+ orders get free shipping. That's one spikier knife for ever!

Knife Made From Railroad Spike

The knife is made from hand-forged railroad spikes. It features a flexible, durable carbon steel handle with a sharp point. The knife is a fixed blade sheath that has a black/gray color scheme. It features a red/black logo on the side of the sheath. this is a custom hand forged railroad spike knife. It is a medium weight, parkerized steel with a blued finish and a black nitride finish. The blade is made of high quality carbon steel and the aid is a fix blade. It has a great look and feel to it. The railroad spike knife is perfect for the custom hsm (human spider). It is made with a high quality, carbon steel blade and a tough skinner's handle. this railroad spike knife is made for survivors it has an extra thick blade and a hard-shell case. This knife is perfect for when you need to cut through thickets or wire with quick reflexes. The spikes on this knife make it a perfect choice for those who have to sharpened their knives often. this hand forge railroad spike knife is a great knife for killing prey with. It has a fixed blade that is made of carbon steel and is sharpened with a high quality blade. This blade is made of full pretzel sheath.