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Vintage Horn Handle Pocket Knife

This is a vintage horn handle pocket knife from romo. It has a manifold opener, stiletto blade and a green leather sheath. The knife is made in italy.

Vintage Horn Handle Pocket Knife Ebay

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Best Vintage Horn Handle Pocket Knife

This is a vintage pocket knife from pakistan that has a stockman handle. The knife is in great condition with no any flaws. The knife is 7 inches long and the blade is 2 inches. The knife is made in the united states of america. this vintage laguiole pocket knife is a great addition to your pocket. The knife has original stainless steel hardware and is antique silver. It is also being offered at a great price. this vintage antique stay sharp wood handle figural shoe 2-blade folding pocket knife is a great pocket knife for those who love to take prevaileds. This knife has a vintage look and feel to it, and is also in great condition. This knife is ideal for skirmishing or lawman work. this vintage t. Pattada 7. 5 folding knife has a horn handle which gives it a stylish look and feel. The knife is made of durable materials such as stainless steel and plastic. This knife also has a standard blade which makes it easy to use. This knife is perfect for smallest of hands and is ideal for making small tasks easier.