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Winchester 150th Anniversary Knife

This 150 th Anniversary Winchester Knife is a must-have for any Winchester marketer or collector, made with natural Winchester wood, this Knife is hand-homed and features a fixed blade with an 13-1/4" inch blade. It comes with a tin limited edition, meaning this Knife is only available to purchase at Winchester history events, this Knife is in like manner first-rate for gift giving ornaments or simply for the chapter of winchester.

Cheap Winchester 150th Anniversary Knife

This Winchester bowie Knife 150 th Anniversary gift tin is a beautiful tin with personalisation in black etching on one side and the date 150 th Anniversary with the words "gift of john and nancy winchester" in white, the Knife extends the Winchester recognised logo on the side and is packed this Winchester bowie Knife is an 150 th Anniversary wrecking ball Knife made out of 10 steel with a black anodized design and black hard-shell case. It features a chamois leather handle and black handle stitch, the Knife is signed and and features a black mutation. It is a limited edition, and will only be available to a select few people who get a gift tin of it, the tin will only be available for a week, and then it will be gone. This Knife is a sterling gift for a person who wants to add something special to the Knife line, or for an admirer who wants to celebrate the 150 th Anniversary of winchester, the th Anniversary Knife is a breathtaking Knife that is puissant for any collector or user. This Knife is an 6- (instrument level 4660516 a with collectors tin and is unrivalled for any enthusiast or any user who loves to knives, this Knife is produced in the usa and is a must-have for any enthusiast.