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Xacto Swivel Knife

This x-acto Swivel Knife is an excellent value and a top-of-the-line addition to your store, this Knife is superb for a person searching for a versatile and affordable knife. This Swivel Knife is manufactured from high-quality materials and features a very sharp blade, it makes for a peerless addition to your store.

Cheap Xacto Swivel Knife

The x-acto Swivel Knife is a first-class addition to each artist's toolkit, this Knife offers a sleek, modern design with a pink Swivel handle. It's unequaled for going from job to job, job to doodle or drawing, the blade is l-shaped with 7 inch blade and a pink new finish. It's effortless to hold and facile to handle with the pink handle, this Swivel Knife is designed with a pink new finish. It provides an 2, 7 x 8. 3 inch size and is 1, 7 x 2. 7 inch in size, it is fabricated of durable materials that will last. This Swivel Knife is first-rate for any job that requires delicate hands, this taiwan-made Swivel Knife is an unrivaled substitute for an individual scouring for a classic look and feel of a true high-quality knife. The no 3241 craft Swivel pen Knife comes with a vintage-style acto Knife blade and features a hard-shell case, this x-acto Swivel Knife set comes with an 5201-2 nip knife, which is manufactured from durable, high-quality materials. It includes a cross-section view viewfinder, which makes it basic to take photos with your tool, the blade is long and thin, making it unequaled for delicate work. Additionally, the Swivel Knife grants a memoirs function, which makes it effortless to remember which position was used on the tool.