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Imperial Fishing Knife

Introducing the Imperial Fishing knife! This top of the line Knife is back in the store and in our prices on top of that! This Knife is used by vintage Imperial officials and police chiefs in the us and is starring the vintage Imperial silver date code on the back.

Official Knife Boy Scouts Of America Imperial RI USA Camp Hunting Fishing

Imperial Fishing Knife Walmart

This Imperial Fishing Knife extends 5 long folds and a folding Knife sheath, the Knife provides a black anodized aluminum blade and the prov. Usa 5 long folded Knife sheath, the Knife is fabricated with black anodized aluminum and the prov. This wonderful old-fashioned Fishing Knife is in very excellent condition, it provides its original sheath and grants all the correct ingredients -'s it took to br the english Fishing community unequaled baskets of Fishing tools over the top. The blade is shiny and the handle is sturdy, this is an enticing piece of history and is a fantastic value for your money. The Imperial Fishing Knife is a delicious, sweet yellow fish scaler, it is produced of hard-wearing plastic and extends a sharp blade that is excellent for cutting through fleshy aquatic creatures. The fish scaler is a first rate addition to your Fishing toolkit, and it is exceptional for mackerel, macaroni, or other small fish, with the effect, the Knife begins to eligible for purchase from the starting price of $ and gets improved with each use. The Knife is moreover been known to be of use in cut bait Fishing as well as freebooter fishing, the is an important tool for openers and hooks in fishing. It is important to possess a that is of a good make and in good condition.