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Nakiri Knife

This japanese-made nakiri knife is a great choice for those who are looking for athumbnails-up with their french classical kitchen cuisine. This knife is made of carbon steel, and comes with a 7 inch length. It is also stainless steel, making it good for those who want to use it for cooking or cutting.

Mercer Cutlery Genesis 7
MAC Knife JU-65 6.5

MAC Knife JU-65 6.5" Nakiri

By MAC Knife


Best Nakiri Knife

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Nakiri Knife Amazon

This is a 7" german stainless steel vegetable sawzall knife that contains a nakiri knife blade. The blade is 2" wide and has a 1" deep groove. The knife has a comfortable, durable feel and easy-to-use controls. The knife is retailing for $10. this is a 7" nakiri knife made of german vg10 damascus steel. It is lightly abbasi-ed and case-inscribed with green and black symbols, yellow and black symbols, and a black ghiyas inscription. The blade is 1. 75" long and the blade is black. It is currently in good condition with no flaws. this japan-made nakiri knife has a 1549 blade and a straight-edge blade. It is made of hard-wearing stainless steel. The knife has a sheath made of plastic and nylon materials. the kyohei 165mm japanese nakiri knife is aogami blue. It is designed to fight without flesh and bone. It is made of stainless steel and has a2-3 inch long kurouchi blade. It is cooked with a high quality fire and is designed to cut through flesh and bone.